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Who we are


BDISCOM SRL MILAN  is a well known Company working in the industrial field of coatings.

BDISCOM is a leader in the supplying of strategic components to machine builders in the Plasma enviroment

BDISCOM is mostly a manufacturing company producing its own line of DC low and high Voltage/Amps, MF 40 kHz and  RF -13.56 MHz and  table top  RF  plasma  reactors.

BDISCOM is also  able to supply generators, sources and process control systems at the top of the quality worldwide,
as exclusive distributor of Companies leader in the field.

BDISCOM’s slogan is “Generators of  TOP  European quality to most  competitive Far East  prices "

BDISCOM is aware about customers demands due to an always more aggressive competition and thanks to the big achieved experience during the years, is able to supply advices for the installation and start up of processes (often included in the costs of products price) more appreciated.
This business sensitivity is a natural consequence of the mental approach of his staff who, due to the previous experiences, firmly believe in an orientation through the customer solving and the pre-sale consulting.
These are BDISCOM strong motivations “Who choose us, then doesn’t change again”