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BDS AMN 750 RF Auto Matching Network

BDS AMN 750 RF Auto Matching Network

BDS AMN 750 Auto Matching Unit

BDISCOM is introducing a new generation of automatic matching network units operating at the standard ISM frequency of 13.56 MHz intended for industrial and laboratory use. Typical application include Sputtering process, PECVD deposition, plasma activation, dielectric heating, laser excitation and more.

  • Model BDS-AMN 750: Auto Matching based on variable air caps rated for 3000 V | up to 20 A. Analog user port pin compatible with BDS.HF 200, 300 and 750 Watt generators.

The BDS-AMN 750 is an impedance matching network to be used in HF (13.56 MHz) plasma application, transform the complex impedance of the load in a 50 Ohm resistive. The tuning circuit is L type using high quality variable caps and precision positioning motors. Typical tuning type is less than 2 seconds. Also a TEE configuration for medium impedance load is available.

A wide range of full preset or one channel only preset is possible. It’s also possible a full independent operation with only one external switch to recall ignition position is required. A DC BIAS measurement circuit permits to monitor DC BIAS, scaled of a factor of 100.

Direct interfacing with all Bdiscom RF generators. 3 Channel RF output on one single matching available (vacuum relays) as option.

BDS-AMN 750 auto matching specifications in attached PDF: