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Plasma Matrix & Super Plasma Matrix

Very price competitive  Table Top RF  13.56 MHz plasma reactor system series for most of the Cleaning/Etching process in R/D or small Industrial pilot  production (from 2.5 to 40 litres SS 304 vacuum chambers)

The  Plasma Matrix & Super Plasma Matrix    table top   plasma  reactors  are  designed   to fullfil    most  of  the  R/D   and  industrial   application  of  Plasma  cleaning , etching  and  surface  activation   where  the  initial machine investment has   to  be  kept  very  low.

The  easy  and  friendly use ( through a LCD touch screen display ) of the tool  software together    with   the   optimizzed  deisgn  of  the  SS  vacuum  chamber  of  the  Matrix  series, put    them on  the  top level of  what  offered  by  the  today  market.

The Bdiscom Matrix plasma reactors series includes all  the  functions needed  to keep  the  plasma process stable  and repeatable  as  required  by  different  R/D and industrial applications.

Two version of  the Plasma Matrix are currently  available:

- Plasma Matrix Plus  with  2.5 litre  SS vacuum process chamber, two   gas  inlets  and  manual inductive manual  maching network  with   up    to   200 Watt RF @ 13.56 MHz  generator

- Super Plasma Matrix with  40 litre  SS  vacuum process chamber, two gas inlets and  a full  capacitive auto  impedance matching network with  up  to 300 Watt RF @ 13.56 MHz generator.