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BDS HF 200 - 300 - 750 Black Box Series

New generation of very price competitive and High efficiency 200, 300 and 750 Watt 13.56 MHz Black Box RF generators

BDS HF 200 - 300 - 750 Black Box Series

BDISCOM introduce a new generation of low-medium power RF generators intended to satisfy the needs of laboratory grade and small low pressure industrial plasma systems.

  • Model BDS.HF 200-300-750.BB, black box style, only with analog 0-10 VDC port.

The low-medium power Black Box series is composed by one unit of 200, 300 or 750 W @ 13,56 MHz output power in black box configuration with analog user port only, 0-10 VDC A/D Interface. The main 230 VAC has given by an external power supply provided together with the generator.

  • Common specifications on BDS HF Black Box ( BB ) generators: The BDS HF series is a class E circuit with 85-90% typical efficiency.

The output power is modulated by means of a PWM circuit acting on the DC bus