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BDS-MF Generator

The newest and most price competitive medium frequency generator for any High/Low Voltage ( 3kV to 7kV ) PECVD and PVD processes


BDS-MF 5 - 10 - 15 kW @ 40kHz, High|Low Voltage AC plasma generator

The BDS-MF is a 40 kHz plasma generator with max power delivery of 5, 10 or 15 kW is specifically designed for plasma excitation on PECVD or plasma cleaning applications. The unit is capable of delivery up to 10kW at 7000V RMS output.

The output is balanced type, capable to drive 2 symmetrical electrodes. Tipical application is PE-CVD process on large process chambers. A unique features is the high voltage matching transformer built in 2 (standard) or 3 (on request) transformer taps are available as impedance matching.

User only needs to connect two coaxial cables to the electrodes. Interface with the user's PLC can be both analog or digital RS232 or Profibus (upon request).

Highlights and benefits:

  • Output matching transformer is built in. No external box is required.
  • Air cooled unit. No risk associated with moisture or water leakage.
  • Full power with ambient temperature up to 40C°.
  • Analog interface.
  • Profibus interface available upon request.
  • Front panel display makes installation and trouble shooting easier.
  • High efficiency >90%.
  • Compact and lightweight construction, only 20kg, 4UI.